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Sanmo International Company Inc. is a full service bus charter and travel agency. Since establishment twelve years ago in the city of San Francisco, we have expanded into a multi-faceted, successful organization with branches in San Francisco, Oakland, and Daly City, catering to the diverse ethnic communities of the three cities.
Because of our continually growing clientele, Sanmo Int. Co. Inc. is dedicated to providing its customers with an assortment of travel opportunities, ranging from group bus charters, exclusive charter partnerships as well as tours to popular tourism attractions.

Whether we are dealing with large corporations, small community groups or individual travelers, our professional mission is to make all transactions and trips convenient, pleasant and seamless. This is why we offer competitive, negotiable rates along with unmistakably individual service. Because every business’s demands are different, we will work with your needs and schedules to produce a custom plan that best suits the partnership between your company and Sanmo intl. Co.

We at Sanmo invite you to explore all the elements of our company that contribute to its excellence.

Disabled passengers please provide Sanmo travel with 48 hours notice 415-379-3779